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  • 1.7pre for Windows/Linux 
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  • 1.6 for Windows new!
    • Performance is improved! Better experience!
    • It's quite easy to translate kuview. Would you please translate kuview into your native language? contact me
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  • 1.6 for Linux (GTK2) new!
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Kujawiak Viewer (kuview) is a free, lightweight picture viewer which focuses on browsing and managing files.
This project's goal is to provide a clear and efficient picture viewer on Windows.

  • Feature
    • Installation is NOT Necessary
    • Single Executable
    • Use FreeImage library inside for Better Scaling
    • Prefetch files
    • Read Exif metadata
    • Easy to Use
    • Browse Directories and Files by Tree
    • File Management ( Copy / Move / Delete / Rename )
    • Filesystem / Archive / Thumbnail Panels
    • Unicode File/Directory Name Compatible
    • Rotate JPEG file losslessly
    • Save and Save As Supported Picture Format
    • Zoom and Rotate
    • Zoom In/Out on mouse pointer, Zoom In directly by mouse select
    • Full Screen
    • Slide Show
    • Shell Integration ( May Add "Browse with kuView" Entry to ContextMenu )
    • External Tools integration
    • Wallpaper Setting with more options than default (scale to Fit/Extend)
    • File Association
    • Single File Printing with preview, scaling, and alignment
    • Rescale Manager
    • Command Line Interface
  • Supported Format
    • BMP / PNG / JPG / TIF / GIF / PNM / PCX / ICO / CUR / ANI / XPM / RAW
    • Zip / Tar
  • Multiple Language Support
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
    • English
    • French
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Polish
    • Russian
    • Ukrainian
  • Platform
    • Windows
    • Linux (GTK2)


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  • Key
    Alt + Home go home
    PageUp previous file in the same directory
    PageDown next file in the same directory
    Home first file in the same directory
    End last file in the same directory
    Up move up in tree
    Down move down in tree
    Left move left in tree
    Right move right in tree
    Ctrl + Up back in tree
    Ctrl + Down forward in tree
    Ctrl + Back jump to branch in tree
    F2 rename file/directory
    F5 reload
    F10 filesystem window
    F11 archive window
    F12 thumbnail window
    TAB switch between panels
    Enter enter fullscreen
    ESC exit fullscreen / exit
    SPACE start/pause slideshow
    + zoom in
    - zoom out
    * or . original size
    / best fit
    \ zoom extend
    ' fit when larger
    [ file properties
    ] file EXIF metadata
    ` file summary
    Ctrl + B statusbar (fullscreen only)
    Alt + Left rotate -90
    Alt + Right rotate +90
    Ctrl + X cut file/directory
    Ctrl + C copy file/directory
    Ctrl + V paste file/directory
    DEL delete file/directory
    Ctrl + R rename file/directory
    Ctrl + P print file
    Shift + P print preview
    Ctrl + S save file
    Ctrl + I interrupt operation
    Ctrl + Z minimize to system tray
    Ctrl + Q exit

  • Mouse
LeftDoubleClick enter fullscreen
MiddleClick enter fullscreen
RightClick popup menu
ScrollUp previous file in the same directory
ScrollDown next file in the same directory
Ctrl + ScrollUp zoom in with fixed mouse position
Ctrl + ScrollDown zoom out with fixed mouse position
Ctrl + Select Area zoom in by fitting selected area


  • What does "Load Completely" (in menu Option->View) mean? Why does kuView ask me to reload? I didn't modify the picture!
    • Because loading a pictures completely takes more processing time, and JPEG can be loaded partially. kuView loads JPEG pictures partially according to needed size by default.
      So the display is different from the original one, and is treated as modified by kuView. Will notify and ask if reload is needed.
      For example, the result will be better as expected if reload when "Set as Wallpaper."
  • How to zoom certain area without pressing zoom in repeatedly?
    • Please press Ctrl and select area by pressing mouse left button. The selected will be marked by red rectangle and zoom after releasing mouse left button.
  • What is scale filter?
    • Scale Filter is used to resample pictures, i.e. how to add/delete pixels when scaling. It determines output and processing time, especially zoom in.
      Box: simplest and fastest, but blocky appearance. best for preview.
      Bicubic: produces smooth output while aintaining dynamic range and sharpness. takes twice hte processing time as Bilinear. best for 2X or greater.
      Bilinear: second-fastest. provides reasonably good results. good for 4X or less. DEFAULT.

      B-Spline: produces the smoothest output, but tends to smooth over fine details. requires the same processing time as Bicubic. best when the smoothest output is required.
      Catmull-Rom: use maxium parameters in Bicubic. best for sharpness.
      Lanczos: the most theoretically correct filter. produces the best output for photographic images, but produces ripple, especially for block text. three times the processing time of Bilinear. not recommended except band-limited photographic images with no sharp edges.
  • I have similar pictures in different directories, and want to compare them. How to browse them easily?
    • Please open "Thumbnail Panel" and drag pictures into it, then switching pictures quickly by clicking thumbnails.
  • I have two directories A and B. Can I browse them in the order: A1->B1->A2->B2->...?
    • kuView provides "Jump to Branch in History," for example:
      First browse A1 in directory A,
      In Filesystem Panel select B1 in directory B,
      Back to A1 by selecting Menu Traverse->Back in History (or Ctrl+Up / Backspace)
      Continue browsing A2
      Back to B1 by selecting Menu Traverse->Jump to Branch in History (or Ctrl+Backspace)
      Continue browsing B2
      and so on...
  • "Security Warning" dialog always popup when open files on network sharing. How to disable it?
    • Control Panel->Internet Options->Security tab,
      select Local Intranet, and click Sites button,
      uncheck "Automatiaclly detect intranet network option," and check "Include all network paths (UNCs)."
  • Access denied when setting "Shell Integration" and "File Association" under Win7/Vista?
    • There is User Account Control (UAC) in Win7/Vista. Please right click on kuview.exe and select "Run as Administrator" to launch for setting them.
  • How to create photo slideshow CD/DVD?
    • Command line interface for slideshow, may be used to create your own photo slideshow CD/DVD!
      • for Windows
        • step1. create autorun.inf as follows:
        • step2. create autoexec.bat as follows:
          \kuview\kuview.exe full slideshow 3 \photodir1 \photodir2 \photodir3
        • step3. burn autorun.inf, autoexec.bat, kuView dir, and photo dirs as data CD/DVD, that's all!
        • type kuview.exe /? in console for more information
      • for Linux
        • step1. create .autorun as follows:
          ./kuView/kuview.bin full 3 slideshow ./photodir1 ./photodir2 ./photodir3
        • step2. give .autorun execute permission:
          > chmod +x .autorun
        • step3. burn .autorun, kuView dir, and photo dirs as data CD/DVD, that's all!
        • type kuview.bin -h in console for more information




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